Monday, August 9, 2010

Friday's Rummage Sale Treasures

This is what I bought on Friday:
5 Build a Bear Plus 2 other stuffed animals (sell)
Build a Bear tent (sell)
2 spools of crochet yarn (sell)
2 Starbucks coffee mugs (sell)
Vintage Fisher Price Silo (sell)
Pampered Chef Bakers Roller (sell)
Over sized clothes pin (keep)
Wilton cake decorator (sell)
candle (keep)
3 cookie cutters (keep & sell)
Jello Jiggler Jelly Bean Mold (sell)
set of tart pans (sell)
New Usb Cord (keep)

Heart Hooks (keep)
Vintage Fisher Price Barn (the barn is really bad shape, I just wanted the animals and the silo pictured above) Sell
Santa throw blanket (keep, it's black and white)
Vintage orange hooks (keep)
2 sets of American Girl books factory sealed (sell)

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