Monday, August 16, 2010

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

Mr Potato Head (sell)
Blow Mold Pumpkin candle stick (sell)
Build a Bear Kitty (sell)
Vintage xmas electric candle (sell)
xmas green wreath (make something and sell)
Greenies dog toy (sell)
Bop It (sell)
Cookie Sheet (sell)
Gurley candles (sell)
stuffed animal (sell)
Kissing Bells (sell)

Cookbook (sell)
black covered container (keep)
2 vintage coffee mugs (sell)
orange streamer (keep)
orange and black balloons (keep)
Salem deck of cards (sell)
Pampered Chef cheese knife (sell)
bag of cookie cutters (sell.. there were some that I don't have but Nicci reminded me that I need to get my collection under control...  so fine these will be sold!!)

Fish Fryer (like the Turkey Fryer but smaller kettle) keep for hubby
green tin (keep for kitchen scraps/compost) will be painted
paint (keep)
easel (keep)  will be painted
upholstery tacks (keep)
scroll decor (keep) will be painted
roll of metal fence stuff (keep)

Didn't go rummage saling on Friday because there wasn't many new sales.  The humidity and heat ended yesterday so I'm hoping this week will bring more sales.  This is the last chance before Labor Day and school starting. 

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