Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday's Rummage Sale Treasures

Coke case for bottles (sell)
stuffed animals (sell)
3 sewing with Nancy vcr tapes (sell)
7 up pillow (keep)
can of spray paint (keep)
soap pump (keep)
Bunn stainless stain coffee pot (sell)
7 Fire King coffee mugs (sell)
2 light/cords for blow molds (sell)
2 yankee candles (sell)
4 Halloween Jello molds (sell)
tap light (keep replace the one from the camper we can't find)
Jello Jiggler beans mold (sell)
curtaintie backs (keep)
necklace (keep)
red easel (keep)
Michelob mug (sell)
stuffed animals (sell)
2 gold shelf hooks (keep)
VHS tapes new (sell)
2 cardboard eggs (keep)
3 movies (keep. watch and sell)
Chicago mug (keep)
new cassette tape (sell)
Simon game (sell)
gold ribbon (keep)
baggie of new gold tassels (keep)
Old Navy fleece for hubby (keep)
Pink thing is a scrapbook case (keep)
Budweiser thermos pitcher (sell)
beer thermos mugs (sell)
4 canvas totes (keep)
wood N (keep)
stuffed animal (sell)
3 scrapbook books (keep)
scrapbook supplies (keep)
photo sleeves (keep)
beanpod candle (keep)
scrapbook letter stampers (keep)
row along the front is all scrapbook supplies (keep)
Can you believe this chair!!  This was a prop for a photo studio, that was the only time it was used!!  It's nice!!  Only....... $5!!  Mom had asked me to buy her one if I saw one at a rummage sale!!!  Ha!!  Got it for really cheap!!!

That's it for Friday!!  Nicci wasn't baby sitting so she went along, we had to go farther out to get to enough sales to cover the morning!!  I really don't understand why there aren't more sales.  Is it the neighborhood or city wides hurting the entire summer?  Or is it so many thrifty shops opening that people are donating everything to those.  Or is it the heat of the summer.  But usually there is a burst of sales right before school and before Labor Day...  well that was this week.   So what gives?????

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