Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday Deals

Walmart has a lot of roll backs.  4 pk of Kleenex $3 used $.50 off a multi pack.  Mens socks 6 pk $3.  12 pk of under wear $5 and used $1/2 from Fruit of the Loom.  Those coupons were from the Sunday inserts. White Cloud 4 pack $2 used $1/1 from August All You Magazine.  Fall Mum's small ones are $1.00. Banana's $.28 pound.  Imperial Margarine $.38 which was a price match with Picks N Saves coupon booklet.  Doritos $1.98 with price match from Festival Foods ad.  Just now I was looking at the receipt.  I realized was charged for 2 gallons of milk when I only bought one.  I price matched Piggly Wiggly milk ad, $1.69 but I only bought one.  I will get an adjustment tomorrow. 

Pick N Save
 First trip: Roundy's Bread $.78 with store coupon, Hamburger Helper $.88 with store coupon, Oxi Clean $7.25 and doubled $1/1 coupon from the Sunday inserts.  Printer paper $2.50.  Lever 2000 8 packs $4.50 each used $1/1 coupon doubled that I printed from I think  Grapes $.99 lb and baby carrots $.69 with in store coupon.  They also had all their $1 deal items $.88 so I got a scrub brush, hand sanitizer and a few other misc items.  Spent $26 and saved $30.

Second trip: Roundy's tin foil $1.  Cottenelle $1.88 4 pk double rolls, store coupon, limit one on all the store coupon deals.  Kleenex $.88 used $.50/3 doubled.  Roundy's pizza $1.48 with store coupon.  Hot Pockets $1.48 with store coupon.  Oscar Mayer lunch meat $2.50 and used $1/2 doubled coupons I printed from some where I can't remember where.  I don't think it was  Just not sure. Redi Serve Chicken Patties $1.  Crest Toothpaste $.99 with store coupon and used $.50/1 from Sunday inserts doubled.  Imperial Margarine $.39 with store coupon.  Roundy's chunk cheese $1.  Pillsbury Grands $1 used $.30/2 from Sunday inserts, doubled.  Spent $22 and saved $28. 

Walgreens Hot Pockets $1.50 each...  to bad I don't have coupons!!  Dry eraser markers $.99 and Nicci a lip gloss $1.13 after coupons and register rewards.

I didn't get to Festival Food yet for more Doritos (but I noticed that Piggly Wiggly has them on sale for $2 also) and they have Old Wisconsin sausage bites on sale and I have coupons for those.  They also have bagged candy for $1.88 each.  Oh one more thing they have Welch jelly for $.98 and I have $1/2 coupons!!  So after Rummage Saling tomorrow I will stop at Walmart and get my refund and stop at Festival. 

Yesterday Nicci and I stopped at the Family Video.  We haven't rented a movie in a long time so they send us a coupon for a free rental and then we get half off for 2 weeks.  Hopefully we can get use out of that.

I also stopped at Best Buy today and picked up the 6th season of Lost on DVD which was released yesterday.  I came hope and I remembered last year there was a deal at Best Buy if you buy the new season you get $20 off one of the old seasons.  Well my BFF's birthday is this month and I know she is missing a season or 2 of Lost in her collection.  So I emailed my BFF asked her what season she is missing.  I will take back the DVD I bought today and I will order the new season and the old season that she is missing!!  I also get free shipping from because I am a Premier Silver Card holder!!!  Plus I will order through  and I will get my points from my purchase.  And I used my BB credit card and I will get more points there!!  Win win!!

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