Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wednesday Deals

Pick N Save: Kraft Mac N Cheese Explosion $.66 each and used $.55/2 coupons that I picked up from a display somewhere.  Doubled.  Totino Party Pizzas $1.25 used $.50/3 doubled from Sunday inserts.  Hillshire Cocktail wienies $1.50!!!!!!!!  Couldn't believe the price.  I only had 2 of the $.55/2 coupon from the Sunday inserts but I didn't care I bought 12 packages!!!  It was a great deal!!  Spent $21 saved $42

.I can't find my Walmart receipt I did a bunch of price matching!!

That"s all the grocery store shopping I did this week.  Nicci was along and she wanted to do clothes and shoe shopping for school.  We went out to the mall...  I bought some fragrance at Aeropastle.  She bought some school supplies at Target.  But the best buy was her Homecoming dress at The Deb store.  It was a $49 regular price, but it was on clearance for $15!!!!  It's so gorgeous!!  She is so lucky because she is the prefect clearance rack size...  small!!!  Then she bought shoes at Payless, they cost more then the dress and I got a pair of flip flops because it was buy one buy one half off!!    Wednesday she wanted to go to Kohls and Gordmans because she had some gift cards from her birthday in April.  So she got so tops and flip flops at Kohls.  At Gordmans they had their flip flops all $1 so she got another pair and they have Sex and the City fragrances for $5.99 so she bought one of those.  It was another all about Nicci week!!  Wednesday was also school registration day.   She was not happy about that!! 

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