Monday, August 30, 2010

Last Week

I picked up the 100 Grand Bars and Baby Ruth bagged candy for $1.88 each.  Doritos at $1.98 each.  They had Betty Crocker candles on sale for $1...  Oh they smell so good, I have not burned one yet.  Hope they have a long last scent...  One thing I noticed is there isn't much wax in the jar.  The best deal is the Papa George Pork rolled grounded sausage.  It's the only store around here that sells this brand it is the best tasting for homemade pizzas!  The regular price is $2.99 and the best sale price is $1.88 HOWEVER this week they had it for $.99 EACH!!!  OMG I bought 12 of them!!!   I even use it for breakfast pizzas.  I love it and enjoyed getting a good deal on it!!  Before putting it in the freezer I sealed it in Foodsaver bags to keep them fresh longer!

Last week I picked up our half of cow from the butcher shop.  My husbands brothers all own farms.  Between the 4 brothers they own 3 farms.  So we get fresh beef often.  We haven't gotten the bill for the cow from the brothers so I don't know what we owe them but usually it's less then $2 a pound.  The processing for our half was $201.  Weight of the cow was 354 pounds.  Having a half of cow in our freezer really helps keep the grocery bills down. I only buy pork when it's $.99 a pound.  Chicken breasts when 3# bags are $3.99 each.  We have fresh fish because my husband likes to fish.  He also like to hunt turkey and deer.  So many times we have that type of meat in the freezer too.  A half of cow last about a year so it's a good deal for us. 

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