Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ice Shoves on Lake Winnebago

Sunday we went to Lake Winnebago (Wisconsin's largest inland lake) to see the ice shoves.  I don't know if you all know what ice shoves are.  This happens in spring when the ice starts to weaken from warm weather and the winds pick up.  Most years the melt happens slowly without high winds and the ice just sinks.  However when the weather warms fast and the winds are fast the ice moves towards shore and piles up.  These piles can be 20 feet high and there is no stopping them.  These shoves take out boat houses, garages, houses and even business's that sit along the lake shore.  These are shoves that were at a boat landing on the east side of the lake near Brother Town.  South of Brother Town there are no shoves and no ice left because it blew north.  The northern tip of the lake the ice is normal except for the shore is melted. 

These photos were taken with my Motorola Electrify..  I think it takes very nice photos.  So far I love my phone.  It still feels new and I'm still searching for "what I'm looking" as in apps and where everything is.  But it gets better everyday.

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