Friday, March 23, 2012

Ahh Thats Better

I stopped at 2 Rummage Sales and a new Resale store in our town. 

The first sale I bought the 
Lite Brite with the extra papers and pegs
Build a Bear shoes
2 Build a Bear outfits
and the next sale I didn't buy anything.  They wanted $2 for a run of the mill Mr. Potatohead.  I offered a $1 and they would take it...  So I left empty handed.
Then I went to the new resale shop
5 Weight Watcher books
2 community cookbooks
Jello Jiggler Egg Mold
Pampered Chef cookbook
2 Pampered Chef cheese cutters
Tongs (for me)
And the Hook Rug Yarn is from St Vinnies.. I stopped there too.  They had a Oster Ice cream/yogurt maker which I want so I can make sugar free ~ fat free frozen yogurt.  The maker was unmarked so I took it up to the check out to see what they wanted for it.  They checked to see if it worked and then said $5!!  I was shocked because none of their small appliances are over $3 but since I wanted it they said $5.  You should have seen this..  it was filthy, it needed a lot of deep cleaned.  Ummm  no they can keep it.  I politely said no.  They seemed happy to keep it...  I wonder if that was his reason...  he wanted it?

Anyway I was very happy with my small haul.  The new resale shop has a ton of clothes and cheap.  I'm stopping back tomorrow with my daughter.  $4 for name brand jeans...  she will be in heaven.

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