Sunday, March 11, 2012

Traffic Master Allure

The makeovers in the bedrooms and bathroom are just about done.  I'm waiting for the Traffic Master Allure to be installed.  The boxes have been sitting in the living room.  My husband has been working a long 2 week shut down at the paper mill he is working at, so he doesn't have the time to pull up the wood trim and toilet.  So I have to wait patiently until he has the time then the installers will come and do their thing and hubby will reinstall the toilet and wood trim!  It's all planned for the 19th!  I'm so excited to try vinyl wood flooring.  I wanted Armstrong Alterna tile in there as I have in the kitchen but in a different color.  But that isn't going to happen.  The bathroom is black and white and the only tile Alterna has are 12 inch tiles...  Well I brought the sample home and it just won't work in there.  The room is way to narrow to even lay 2 tiles next to each other without trimming.  I just don't think it would look good.  So after thinking a week, I tried hard to give up on the Alterna tile and have an open mind.  Ceramic and glass tile is out.  I didn't want a cold floor.  That room only has one heat register and the rooms on either side of the bathroom don't have heat.  I hung my head and looked at regular vinyl..  What else was there.  I don't a wood floor in there, we have enough wood trim and I would really start to lose the black and white colors in there.  So I was wondering around and looked up and what did I see with the vinyl wood floor???  Black.... oh I couldn't find a customer assistant fast enough.  We talked and it is easy to clean, vinyl so it won't be cold and it will be tough enough for Henry's nails.  That was it.  It took 3 weeks for it come in and I couldn't make the install appointment until the product was in the house. Which leads me to my long wait for hubby's shut down to be over.  I know I will like it and I have confidence it will be durable.  A big up side it's only a third the price of the Alterna..  even though Alterna is worth every penny!
The orange stripe is part of the box
Yup that is the floor now, doesn't it scream 90's..  house was built 1993.  I was right on the mark with style back then!

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