Thursday, March 8, 2012

I want to talk about Pink Slime

Wow I just can't wrap my head around what the beef industry is doing.  Ok in the last 2 -3 years ground beef prices have doubled if not tripled.  So why are they doing this..  adding pink slime to ground beef?

First off I don't buy ground beef in the grocery store.  we buy half cows from my husbands family and it is processed at a local butcher shop (Haen Meats).  They are a top notch business and I don't believe they would do something like this.  But I have eaten hamburgers and had meals made with ground beef (Sloppy Joes)  at family parties and picnics etc...  So I know that I probably have consumed some of this yuck!!  However I have not had a hamburger in a year..  But I've had turkey burgers at fast food places..  do they have the pink slime additive?

What is pink slime?  I want to cry as I explain it as I know it.  These beef processing places are taking parts of the cow that is deemed not suitable for human consumption.  These parts were used for dog food in the past.  Things parts are now treated with ammonia which kills e coli and other germs that are deadly to humans.  Then this pink slime is added to ground beef.  I have read that any time the ground beef is labeled hamburger it will have the pink slime.  However there is no clear way to tell if it's in the ground beef you buy at the grocery store.  McDonalds, Taco Bell and Burger King have stopped using it.  They are saying the only sure fire way to know if it's in there is to watch your butcher grind your meat.  Man!   I'm sitting here thinking about this and how did they ever come up with this?  Then we all sit here and think how can cancer be so out of control..  Well this is one of those things when we say cancer is caused by environment.      We are eating meat that used to be used only for dog food and consuming heated ammonia.  We all know where e coli lives naturally in cows?

The saddest thing about this, now schools are beginning to use it in school lunches.  I know corn prices have skyrocketed  since E-85 production began.  Which caused the meat prices to go high of course the economy is bad which doesn't help.  However the prices have gone up a lot why isn't that enough?

WHY??? Is it greed?

What else are food producers adding to our food?

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