Thursday, March 22, 2012

First Rummage Sale Day of the Year

I went to my first rummage sales of the year.  Well I came home with nothing.  I mean nothing.  The first sale was a lot of nothing.  The second and third sales decided not to open because of rain..  The next sale was a few pieces of furniture.  The next one was a few boxes turned over with a few tools laying on top.  And the last last one was a rummage sale that goes all summer long.  I started a list of address's of sales like that...  that run a summer long. 

I used the gps on my phone today.  It works great.  I like it. 

I really like my phone however the battery has a very short life.  I usually unplug it from the charger about 6 in the morning and my 4:30 in the afternoon it needs to be charged again.  And thats usually when I'm on the go I need the phone charged.  So I'm going to have to remember to charge it when I'm in the house in the early after noon.  This is really going to be a problem when we are camping at carshows.  We don't have electricity.  We have a generator and even tho it's a "quiet" one it' still makes a lot of noise, so having it running for an hour to charge phones isn't much fun.  But the kids will be happy to have the generator on so they can watch TV and have the air conditioner on. 

There are a few sales again tomorrow.  I don't know if I want to waste the time and the gas.  Gas is $3.89 to $3.93 a gallon here.  My brother lives in Milwaukee he said its $4.25 a gallon there.  Man!!

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