Saturday, March 3, 2012

Motorola Electrify Cell Phone

Last Saturday I got a new phone.  Our cellphone service was Verizon's Alltel.  A few years ago Verizon bought Alltel.  I cried when that happened.  My parents had Verizon and their coverage was horrible and the service was expensive.  But since I had a contract with Alltel, Verizon had to keep my costs the same which was much cheaper.  With that however we had to buy used Alltel phones when we needed new phones.  When I bought my Blackberry Storm however I did upgrade to Verizon service but I did not have to sign a contract and the price stayed the same except for the price of the data service $30.  Well around Christmas time I started to not get all my phone calls.  I would be sitting next to the phone and it wouldn't ring.  I was told by the callers that it wouldn't ring it would go straight to voice mail.  That was the only way I would know I got a call was to look at the phone and see the voice mail message.  I went to the store and they said kept saying to update the towers.  So I would update the phone and it didn't help.  Then about a month ago my kids started to complain about the same thing.  Well then 2 weeks ago I was waiting for my daughter to call so I could pick her up from work.  I called her twice and she called me once and none of those calls went through.  She ended up calling her brother to pick her up while I was still waiting.  This set me off. So I called Verizon.  I told my story twice that first day and then for the next 3 days to 3 more people and the problem didn't get solved.  I was mad just because I had to retell the story and get mad all over again and it did nothing.  So Saturday I took the kids and we went to US Cellular.  I got the Motorola Electrify.....

I love it.  It's fun and it does everything.  I have been taking time to look at the tutorials and truly learning everything about this phone.  It's so much easier then the Blackberry Storm plus there are Android Apps for everything!  Blackberry has nothing for apps free or paid!!!  It's so much faster too.  I hated waiting for the internet on The Storm.  On The Electrify it's quick.  Not lightning, but mighty fast.  It's only 3G but it's good enough for me...  compared to what I had... man I'm getting whiplash!  Plus I can use the house Wifi and its setup automatically so every time I walk in the house it goes to our house WiFi which saves the 5g of internet I get through the phone.   The kids also have internet on their phones.  My son though has the Motorola Quantico which is a water proof phone not a smartphone.  He is really rough on phones so a Smartphone won't last for him.  My daughter got the Huawei smartphone.  She really likes it..  of course she would she and her brother upgraded from old Motorola Razrs. 

I'm very satisfied with my US Cellular plan.  It's 3 phones with unlimited text, 1500 minutes and 5g of data.  Nights start at 7:00pm. All in coming calls are free. The plan has battery exchange up to 4 times a month.  Plus there is a reward program.  It's all for about the same as what I was paying before. 

I can't say a bad thing about the Motorola Electrify..  I will try to do another review in a few months..  will I feel the same?

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