Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bye... Summer 2012

Labor Day weekend is here.  I'm so sad, I'm mourning summers end.   I love summer and the weather summer brings.  Even with the heat of July and unusual length it hung around..  I loved it!  The cool evenings and the sun disappearing at 8:00 pm that fall brings makes me sad.  It's already started.  Fall brings ripe apples and fall harvest which I do enjoy but it's hard for me to eat the apple pie having to say goodbye to my beloved summer.  Winter is my least favorite season and fall is just the first step into below zero temperatures and blizzard like snow storms.  Plus by the end of September the rummage sales are nonexistent.  I don't enjoy many winter activities.  Last winter was a very mild one so I was able to walk on our road throughout the season.  But believe me that is very rare.  Most years our country road is the last to plowed of snow and after it is plowed it turns into an ice rink that you can barely drive on much less walk on.  I was thinking I could enjoy the horses my neighbor is boarding would be a great thing to walk by each day in the snow.  However now I found out the horse will be going elsewhere because the water supply to the building the horse are in right now freezes in the winter so they can stay there.  Man!  The one beautiful thing the winter could bring won't be happening anyway.  Well I always have the customers on ebay to keep me on my toes during the winter.

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