Saturday, January 12, 2013

Interesting Ebay Return

I sold a Lite Brite on December 14th as a Buy It Now (BIN).  I shipped it the next day, as I always do.  I didn't hear anything until January 2.  I received an email stating that the buyer has started a return because the item was damaged and not as described.  The comment in the email from the buyer stated the box came extremely late and damaged.  However he didn't open it and put it in a new box and is shipping it back. With hopes that the item is not damaged that I could resell it.  As I read this I was stunned.  Why did this person start a return and not contact me about the situation and why wouldn't they open it?  So the wait was on for it to come back.  Because the buyer selected not as described ebay states I must pay for their return shipping.  The other day it arrived at my door.  It was in a new box.  Inside was the box I sent which was damaged but also opened.  I don't know if the contents where dumped out when it was damaged.  But everything was there.  The original box was as described, no new damage.  The lite brite unit it's self was perfect however the bulb was floating around the machine.  So I opened it up and put the bulb back and plugged it in and it worked!! Even tho the bulb floated around inside the machine.  (my auction does state the bulb is included but no guarantees that the bulb will work after shipping)  so thats not it.  I just don't know what the buyer says is not described.  The lateness of arrival?.  Well the date is only an estimation to start with plus is was only a few days late and obviously the PO had some issues.   The outer box is only the shipping box.  Thats why we put items in a shipping box so the original doesn't get damaged in shipping.  This buyer has over 3000 feedback as a buyer and seller, so I don't understand why they didn't contact me to start with.  I have returned the original paypal but I have not returned their shipping back.  I don't feel their reason for return is valid.  I will see how this plays out. 

So if any one is interested in a great vintage lite brite I will be relisting it tomorrow on ebay.  Plus it's getting to be a well traveled toy!

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