Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It Finally Happened

It finally happened the United States Postal Service will end it's Saturday delivery service on Saturday August 5 2013.  I know they spoke about this maybe happening but I just didn't think it would happen.  Well they released the news today.  I didn't know this happened before 1947 and again in 1957 so perhaps this will be temporary.  Packages will still be delivered..  so they will be still doing a route?  Will they still be sorting the mail?  Is this saving a lot of money by doing this half way?  When there is a Monday holiday we won't get mail or be able to mail anything for 3 days?  That is along time.  Every year we painfully go through the raise in postage. Believe me the penny more for a postal stamp is not painful but when your selling online it's more then a penny.  Selling slows down right after the raise but it does come back after awhile.  Thank Goodness.  However when is it going to be enough?  Well it should be interesting in August. 

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