Friday, June 15, 2007

Build A Bear at Rummage Sales

I haven't writen in a while because I have been very busy. We were on vacation. We went to The All Ford Nationals in Carlisle Pa, held the first weekend of June. 840 miles one way, hauling a 48 foot trailer.

The weather was wonderful. No rain and no wind. 95 to 100 degrees everyday. When we arrived back home summer had begun. Wonderful weather and school was out. So many things to do and so many parties to attend. So here I am now after things calmed down.
Yesterday I went to a few rummage sales with my daughter. We have been buying plush stuffed animals cheap or free at rummage sales to resell at swap meets. This is a great way to build my daughters savings account. Anyhow, rummage sales are gold mine of Build A Bear animals. My daughter loves Build a Bear, so we have been buying animals and clothes at rummage sales. Her collection of animals that we actually bought thru the store was 7 animals in the last year we have collected now 31 animals. Also many pieces and complete outfits. This is a photo of the four animals she bought yesterday. For a Grand total of $4, thats only $1 each. One needed surgery, the Panda had 8 holes at the seams. But he is healing nicely with all the love and care.

This is a photo of all her Build a Bears with the acception of Rudolph who is at the animal hospital getting a light bulb transplant. The big white square is my daughter removed, she didn't want to be in the photo posted on here. However my daughter says Hi!!! When she is through with her Build a Bears we will be selling them on Ebay and so watch for them to be listed.
Today there weren't many rummages sales listed in the paper so we decided to stay home today but check back next week to see my new rummage sale finds.
Sad news for me this week, my favorite and only double coupon store has stopped doubling for the summer. Crossing my fingers that doubling will be back in fall!!! So there might not be many good deal posts for while!!! But check back often you never know when my next deal story will appear.

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