Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Free Paid Only Tax

I had so much fun today I had to tell you about it. I went to Pick N Save for their double coupons (they only double on Wednesday). Please see photo.

Can you believe I got all the items pictured for 60¢!!!!!! And that was tax. They had Betty Crocker Double packs of Hamburger Helper and Betty Crocker Potatoes for $1 each!!!! That's a deal all by itself. I had $1/1 coupon for Hamburger Helper (from All You Magazine) and four .50¢ off 1 Betty Crocker potatoes from the past Sunday paper. I know I can double those. So I picked up 3 Soleil razors ($6.99 each), I had free coupons (from the Sunday Paper a few weeks ago) So that pushed me over the $25 mark that I had to spend to double. Except I realized that the Hamburger Helper was only a $1, so I couldn't double that-it was already free, so I pick up the Wrigley's gum- 10 pack is $1.99 and I had $1/1 coupon-double that and it's free!!! I couldn't believe it!! Get this the tax was actually $1.10 but I had an overage, so they subtracted that from the tax so only .60¢ . The cashiers aren't really suppose to do that, but I know the cashier well and she said she'd do it. But that's not all~ I had a very good day all around with coupons. I shopped all morning (combining all errands in one day) I spent $169.51 total for the day.... but I saved $256.57 in coupons for the day!!! Here are some of the deals I got
Sunsilk 24/7 hair products .08¢ each
Sunsilk Shampoo and Conditioner .58¢ each
Quatro Razors .99¢ and 1.99 each
York Peppermint Patties bagged .75¢ each
Capri Sun 10 packs .95¢ each
Reg size Cheetos for $1
Pepsi 12 pks $1.75
Secret body spray free
Westpac Veggies free
and more but those were the most impressive items I got.
I was on a rush all morning. The thrill of the hunt!! Well I better get going Lost finale is going to be in a few minutes. Til next time.

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