Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Free or Cheap Dog Treats

Good Morning!! Last time I wrote I didn't tell you that I refund and coupon too. I have been involved in refunding and coupons for 16 years. The early years I didn't do much with coupons, mostly I did refunds/rebates. But over time refunds became harder to find and to get all the qualifying items within the short time frame, that refund forms require. However I still do some rebates. Mostly Menard's rebates and Walgreen's monthly rebates. I moved on to coupons. Through the years some area grocery stores had double coupons, however their rules were strict and hard to follow. We still have one store in the area that doubles which is Pick N Save and Copp's. They double up to a $1 with a limit of 5 that can be doubled. However you must spend $25 before coupons. I still do real well at that store. I would like you to take a look at my cheap and free dog treat that I got last fall.

I used free coupons for the Iam's tartar treats coupons which came in the Sunday supplements in the newspaper. Those coupons were good up to (I think) $6 and they were actually priced at $5.50 each. So I bought 4 at a time and then I bought 5 other dog treats (which were on sale) to bring the total over $25 and on those dog treats I used 5 $1 coupons, those were doubled. I only paid a few cents for each order plus tax. I did this several times. (In and out of the stores, both Pick N Save and Cops) until I didn't have any free coupons left. When I came home I snapped this photo. So many of my friends don't understand how coupons can get you free or cheap items. This photo is my proof that it can be done. It's been a while I don't remember how much the total value was on the dog treats, but I do remember I paid just over $7 (mostly tax) all the treats you see in the photo!!! You are probably wondering where did I get all the coupons? Well I usually purchase 3 different Sunday papers. I get coupon inserts from friends and family. Also I found the nicest lady in FL who gets many papers from friends and family. She sends me coupons that I need and she can't use. She is one of the most generous people that I know!! I also belong to Refund Cents Magazine and online that's how I met this wonderful women from FL. This is a group that helps you save money through coupons, refunds, online coupons & codes, plus everyone chats about the deals that they have found. This site keeps me very informed what is on sale at national chain stores. Through this magazine and site, I have learned how to use coupons with sales and much more. Also available are trading boards. So people can trade for coupons, upcs or forms that you need and get rid of stuff you don't need/want any more. I have learned so much. I know there are many refunders that do better then I do but this is just a hobby for me. The trill of the hunt for good deals will continue!!! Oh yeah here's a picture of my mutt...

This is Shelby. In this photo she is about a year old. She is now 2 years old. Shelby is named after the Ford Shelby (Mustang). I picked this photo because you can see that she has one blue eye and one brown. Your asking what is she?? Her mother was a pure breed Golden Retriever (notice the ears) and her father was a Husky mixed with German Sheppard. She is spoiled, yup in part from all the treats!! She loves to run her top speed is 30 miles per hour. My son clocked her running at top speed with his 4 wheeler. She also benefits from my rummage sales. Last week I bought a child's size plastic pool at a rummage sale, so she gets to play in water this summer. Well time for me to go, more next time. Take care everyone.

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