Monday, May 21, 2007

Let me introduce myself

Good morning!! I am a Mom of 2. My hobby is searching rummage sales for items they need and things for myself. I have been going to rummages for 22 years and I love it!! I have items that I will never sell or pass on to someone else, just because of the story behind the item. For example I was at a rummage sale in my early days of rummage sales. I saw this very interesting cat cookie jar. (At the time I collected cat everything) Well it came with this matching plate. I wanted the cookie jar and not the plate. I asked the lady who was running the sale if I could just buy the cookie jar. The only thing she said was "it's California Pottery" My reactions was Wow that's nice, but I don't want the plate, just the cookie jar. She says again 'it's California Pottery" I looked at my friend who was with me and we started to laugh. I then said to the lady. Well I will give you the asking price of $20 but I don't want the plate. Guess what her answer was... Yup you guessed it. "But it's California Pottery". So I handed her the $20 and took the cookie jar and the plate. We laughed all the way to the car. When my friend and I get together we still laugh about this lady and the cookie jar. I still have the cookie jar and plate displayed in my kitchen. Even tho I don't collect cat items any more and the cookie jar is green which doesn't match my kitchen any more. Please take a look at the cat cookie jar.

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You will find more topics like this in my blog. So please book mark this blog and check back often for my rummage sale stories. You find much more. There will be posts about hard stressful days of rummaging, where frustration will show. However you will get to read about the REALLY good days and thrill of the hunt too!!
We live outside of town so having rummages sale here is differicult-very little traffic. Once a year my Aunt has a sale who lives in town. So I haul my unused treasures over to her house. However she has a rather small garage, so I feel as though I can't haul too much stuff over there. So my alternitive solution was to open a store at This is a brand new store. I have been selling on ebay and for 6 years and I enjoy it. However I have so many items and so little money for the store fee's there. Please check out my store, I am adding new things all the time, so check back often... you never know what you will find!!!!
More to come... I can't wait to get this blog really rolling!! I'm excited to read your comments!!

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