Monday, December 24, 2012

Every year before  Christmas we as a family and a few of the kids friends go out for pizza and then we drive around looking a Christmas displays.  Last year we found this display.. So I came home and watched it again on you tube. It is great!  Love the song.

I think I'm driving my family nuts.  This year I finally got brave enough to ship out large blowmolds in bubble wrap and heavy plastic instead of a box.  By doing this is easier for me, I don't have to find a box and the it saves tonz of money on shipping costs.  So far so good, none damaged yet.  However my uncles first time shipping in this manner the buyer complained that it arrived smashed.  So now my uncle won't ship that way.  I've had my biggest year for blowmolds and I've very happy with the profits of this year because of it.  However I am now blowmold obsessed.  Every display with a blowmold I get excited and try to guess a price and wish that it was mine.  Mental note to myself for next years rummage sales to stop at those houses because they might be in the market to sell theirs!!  LOL!  My family is gonna throw me out of the vehicle!

I've got some cleaning and cooking to do today before the family arrives.  Plus one ebay purchase I made (a santa gift) has not arrived.  It had plenty of time with first class parcel shipping...  Man my fingers and toes are crossed it comes today, it was the crown jewel of her gifts.  They aren't getting much to open it's pretty much all money.  So I really hope it arrives. 

Merry Christmas!

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