Saturday, December 15, 2012

The World Our Children Live In

Yesterday at noon the news broke here that a shooting at an ELEMENTARY school only 5 days after another mass shooting at a busy shopping mall.  This is an epidemic.  How do we stop this?  The world our children live is changing rapidly.   A childs fear of leaving the house or the reality that  being shot in public or at home becomes an everyday possibility, which  saddens me more.  Why are mentally ill people taking very innocent people with them?  This is taking a bright happy time of the year and putting a huge dark cloud over it.  Will it ever be the same for anyone..  The thought of a child saying "I want to live"  "I only want Christmas"  Wow these are not simple wishes, these are right to live hopes/  Why is a child living in the USA having to think and live like this. They deserve much much more from the adults and world of theirs.  This is like cancer everyone is being affected by it.  Why can't we solve these horrible things that we are getting custom to being "normal".

We as society have got to learn how to keep on eye on family and friendly that suddenly change and drift away from our lives.  These are the people that having a break.  We need to learn how to recognize and how to report these love ones to people that will actually follow up.  I know they are adults and laws prevent us and our loved ones right is not to seek help on their.. That right there needs change,  By the time people get to this point they have pushed all their love ones away, we have to learn that is a sign that they must be interviewed by a mental health expert.  This is most difficult but this tragedy can happen.  Everyone interviewed  in the news said no  one thought it could happen in their school..... bbbuuuttt it can.  So sadly.  People that push you away probably have made you mad and you might be totally disappointed in them but thats when our love for this person needs to kick in with at least interest in what they are doing.   If the possibility might be there, then someone in the mental health field needs to be contacted and they must have the ability to help them even if they are adults.  Thats where the laws need to be changed.

Plus the guns.  Ok  outlawing guns will not happen..  well you can but the tiger is already out of the cage.  There are so many guns in this country that outlawing guns is silly.  More gun control may not be the answer but trying certain things might.  This last shooting the guns were the parents guns.  They passed the back ground checks..  Maybe the gun sellers should look into who else lives in the homes?  I don't know if that is something that might help.  But that is something they can do.  Guns need to be locked up at home.  Easy and no reason it can't be done.  The key or combination should be kept private.  Next ammo should not be sold on the internet.  Ammo should be under control as is prescription drugs.  Number of boxes should be limited and there should be a data base linked to your social security number that if you buy 2 boxes and then go to another store and buy 2 boxes it is flagged and refused.  I can't tell you what rules would work, but the longer it takes to get an arsenal the better.  More time to think about a mass killing and things might change.  Plus if you don't have a gun registered to you then you can't buy that type of ammo.  Because you are trying to buy ammo for an illegal gun..  If you buy a used gun it must be registered just like when you buy a used car.  Limited the number of guns also should be considered.  If you have more then a certain number then needs to be a licensed gun collector.  Not everyone with guns are dangerous, we can't stop their freedom to collect.  But sadly like everything else we must make it harder and as it seems the people who don't want to cause harm will have to jump through more hoops.

Plus the 24/7 coverage must stop, that is giving the shooters glory and planting seeds in the minds of the unstable.  I know the world wants information to deal with this.  Everyone wants to know more because they are seeking the reasons for the shooting.  But sadly there is no clear cut reason other then mental illness.   The shock, the horror, the anger and the struggle to understand...

But this must stop our children...  are losing their innocent world....

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