Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Warning Ebay Rant

Why would a buyer do a buy it now, pay and then within a few minutes email to ask me to  cancel and not send it?  This buyer tells me its not the right items.  Ummm  you just bought 5 adorable pastel colored Build a Bears for less then $15!!  Why buy it??  So Ok I don't want this person to return it and then make ME pay for the return shipping just because the buyer can too easily check the not as described button.  So I returned the money and then requested for the buyer to mutually end the CONTRACT so I can get my ebay fees back..  And guess what she hasn't.  Why would a buyer do that?  AND oh why can't I leave proper feedback?  And why is it possible for the buyer who cost me money and time (I can't relist it while waiting for this  buyer to do the right thing)  to leave me feedback and quite possible a negative?  Why oh why is that possible?

Last week I sold a game with working batteries..  They received the game and played for a while and the batteries stop working.  This buyer email and demanded a refund because the batteries didn't work.  Fine I don't want a negative over something so simple so she got a partial refund because of batteries.  Ok no more.  I will not be selling anything with batteries again.  I thought I was being nice but I'm not suppling batteries for the life of the game.  So my new phrase in my ads Batteries Not Included.   My fault for even mentioning working batteries. 

Plus ebay is at it again..  they are raising the price on the final fees to 10% across the board..  That includes the shipping!!  That is a lot of money.  And don't forget Paypal has their fees too!  They think giving us 50 fee listings a month is a gift which we have had for a year already but now that includes 30 day buy it nows.  Oh boy..  did you see me running through the streets celebrating.. NOT!  

Ebay you want to make me happy as a seller.  First I want to be able to leave proper feedback for buyers.  If buyers aren't sneaky snakes in the grass they have nothing to worry about with negatives.  But sellers have to give away their items because a buyer can get whatever they want for free plus cost the seller shipping and fees.  And then worry about getting a negative. The other thing that would be make me happy....  All listings should be free.

Sorry about the rant but some times frustration needs to be let out!

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