Monday, September 5, 2011

A Stolen Life Jaycee Dugard

Defiantly worth reading.  
 Jaycee was kidnapped by Philip and his wife Nancy as she walked to the bus stop when she was 11 years old.  Jaycee was kept in buildings and tents in a hidden back yard for 19 years.  She was Philips sex slave when he went on his drug "runs"  He told her that needed her so that he wouldn't hurt other women.  Jaycee gave birth by the time she was 14 and again 2 years later.  
He was the only person she had contact with for years and he provided her with everything.  Food, water and company.  This was his way to teach her to be under his control.
I've seen lots of interviews and talk about her rescue but the real stuff is said in this book.  She is so amazing to have lived through what she has and still be able to go on.  She doesn't go into second by second details, but she does tell about what happened to her.  Jaycee explains why she didn't try to run or reach out for someone to rescue her.  It makes more sense to me now that I have read the book and understand more about the monster that kidnapped her.  I will truly never understand Philip's wife Nancy.  First helping kidnap Jaycee, then being jealous of her and then wanting Jaycee and the children to call her mother. Nancy was nutter then Philip for going along with for that length of time.  How do two crazy people like Philip and Nancy meet in the first place and have a relationship last that long???  It's frightening how a team like that can go on and on and city government let it happen.  I pray that Jaycee and her family can find pure happiness and continue to move on as a healthy family. 

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