Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursdays Rummage Sale Finds

Well no pictures because I only bought a small tub of Lincoln Logs and a Halloween Electric candle.  I can't express how lousy the sales were.  There were plenty of sales but about half were sales that I attended at least once already this season.  It's frustrating to realize the address is a sale that I had been to already a few weeks ago.  And then the new sales were price high very high.  I don't get it but thats their loss of sales and time.  I some times leave the sale thinking what will they say about their sale at the end of the day.  Will they realize their mistake of pricing things to high.  They then turn around and donate all the items?  Some people get totally offended by offers.  Today I was listening to a seller refuse a reasonable offer on a dresser.  The buyer said does it have sentential value and the seller says yes.  So what the buyer is saying to me really doesn't want to sell the item.  This was the same seller that had a chair in a bag priced $20!!!  I was totally shocked because Menards has them on sale often for $9.99.  It wasn't anything special.  Oh well I hope she isn't to upset to pack most of these item back up after the sale.  

So yeah I didn't purchase must so what I really found today was frustration!

Tomorrow there aren't many new sales listed.  Last week there weren't any sales because of the Labor Day weekend, so I thought there would be more this weekend.  We are running out of weekends  before Rummage Sale season is over... 

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