Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Turkey Day!

 Happy Thanksgiving...

I got up yesterday morning and I saw that Target Black Friday deals were already available online.  Yes...  I  know I'm still boycotting that store, however I wanted to ensure that I got the most important items on my list, bought.  Nicci and Philip wanted bigger things and Best Buy, Walmart and Target all had the same items for the same price.  So I decided that security of getting what I wanted was more important then my boycott.  I ordered them and  all seems well.  If they cancel my order there will be *ell to pay.  Because I and my friend decided not to go at midnight that leaving at our normal time was ok would still net us the items that we want.  There isn't anything remaining on my list I can't live without if supplies are depleted. 

We decided that the midnight opening isn't right.  I think stores opening at 4 or 5 in the morning leaves Thanksgiving as a holiday.  By moving it to midnight invades the holiday.  And it does.  I had my mom and my inlaws over for Thanksgiving supper and that was all day to get ready.  I'm blasted tired.  But of course I'm up early to catch up on the deals I might look for (people are already posting their stories)

Well wish us luck...  Happy Black Friday

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