Friday, November 4, 2011

Wednesday Deals Update

I have not been posting my Wednesday Deals for a while for lots of reasons.  First reason is I haven't been getting the deals as I used to.  Reasons for that is well I have boycotting Target since March so I haven't been getting the clearance items for cheap or free any more.  Next the coupons in my area have been really awful.  Plus we have been eating different~ healthier.   Back 6 months ago I was told I am a boarder line diabetic and elevated cholesterol.  I had gained a lot weight because of the hysterectomy and that I quit smoking.  So it was time to get fit and lose some weight.  I bought a Wii Fit and I started using my exercise bike regular.  I don't care what anyone says eating health does cost more.  I carefully watch sales on fresh fruit and vegetables.  However since they say we are suppose to eat 5 servings a day not all fruits and vegetables purchased can be on sale so the cost adds up.  I shop every week at Aldi they do have the best fruit and vegetables.  Their prices are reasonable but still have to shop the sales and be careful.  Now my husband has been told he is a diabetic so now I have to really switch all of the shopping and I cook completely different.  I donated stuff from my stock pile that we can't eat.  My stock pile is evolving.  Fat Free and Sugar Free items are very expensive.  So I don't stockpile products like cooking soups and baking supplies anymore.  Even when I find a good deal on like olive oil it's not free.  Olive oil is expensive even with a coupon and doubled it's not even what I call cheap.   Or like fat free cream cheese or shredded cheese never goes on sale.  Price these products, its shocking how expensive they are. So my deals are changing, fewer and sometimes not worth talking about.  I'm still mastering this new way of shopping. 

And yes I did lose weight.  I lost over 50 pounds, now I weigh less then I did before I stopped smoking and had my surgery.  I'm still trying to lose weight.  15 pound more and I will be right were I want to be.  These pounds are harder to lose then the first 30.  I'm in size 8 jeans..  I haven't been in those in about 16 years so it's fun to go shopping now... 

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