Thursday, November 10, 2011

Winter has arrived

Yesterday we got heavy wet snow!  Plus it was windy! The weather people said that it wouldn't stay.. huh.  I'm not ready for this...  I know I should be it is November 10th already but I'm not.  Today Walmart Black Friday was released!  Lots of stuff I'm interested in however some of the items go on sale at 10 PM turkey day and then some more at midnight and then a final round at 8 AM.  So we'll see.  I'm waiting for the Menards ad.  There are some things in Targets ad but I'm still boycotting.  I wonder if Walmart will be price matching that day?  I know they have in the past but every year seems to be different.  Did you see Walmart is price guarantying their prices.  So if you buy anything (excluding food) between now and Dec 25. They will give you the difference in a gift card.  I really like that idea.  Plus lay away is back. That doesn't help me now.  When the kids were little I liked to put things on lay away so they wouldn't find them but stores stopping do it.  But it's back so all those gift givers that would like the keep the gifts a secret lay away is great.

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