Thursday, April 7, 2011

First Rummage Sales of the Season

Boy has my down mood is lifted.  Today I stopped at some rummage sales.  There was 21 sales in one neighborhood.  However I couldn't go to them all I had an appointment.  But I did stop at some that were on the way  to my appointment.  This is what I got...  Oh I also stopped at a new Thrift Shop that just opened.  Great prices however the pickings were slim.  I'm sure things will pick up there when rummage sale left overs start getting to the thrift shop.  Anyway
Stuffed tiger-sell
3 pumpkin head candle sticks-sell
blowmold egg-sell
ceramic vase-keep
tootsie roll pillow-sell
football jello molds-sell
Gurley Christmas candles-sell
baggie of clips-keep
pink b-day candles-keep
Wee Sing CD and book-sell
black confetti new-keep
2 pairs of jeans from the thrift shop -keep
cookbook (I was missing one in a set.. got it now!!)-sell
American Girl Theater set-sell
4 Wilton cake books-sell

box of Mable Works game-sell
35mm camera, lens and tripod-keep
2 heavy duty Christmas lights brand new-keep
LeapFrog 7 books-sell
Charles Wysocki Puzzle (I think there are pieces missing, but I love the picture-sell if all the pieces are there)
new foodsaver container-sell
jello egg mold-sell
4 Martha Stewart Living Magazine-sell

Thats all for today.  Tomorrow I will be stopping at a Church sale and I'm going to stop at the rest of the sales I missed yesterday..  Maybe I can get some deals.  Today was the first day of the sales and there were junk/antique dealers that were wheeling and dealing.  I don't mind that.  I don't really look at the things these people are looking at however.  They are in such a hurry that they drive like mad men.  I wish they would be more careful. 

The weather is getting nicer...  it's about time.  I love it!

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