Sunday, April 24, 2011

Nicci's Birthday Death by Chocolate

I made this for Nicci's birthday party
Death by Chocolate Trifle
1 Package of Brownie Mix (prepared as directed on box)
1 small box of chocolate pudding (prepared as directed on box)
1 oz container of Cool Whip thawed
10 Oreo Cookies, crushed
Hershey's chocolate syrup
2 pints strawberries, rinsed and sliced
In a large glass trifle dish, sprinkle a layer of crushed oreos (you may use them all or set aside)  some to sprinkle over the top of the trifle
On top of the Oreos, layer half the brownies.  Drizzle with chocolate syrup.  Top with half the strawberries ( I didn't put strawberries in the middle I used some caramel syrup here).  Spread with half the pudding mixture (which is pudding and cool whip folded together).  Then repeat the layers, using the rest of the brownies, another drizzling of chocolate syrup, the rest of the strawberries and finally the rest of the pudding mixture.  Smooth the top of the pudding, then drizzle with more chocolate syrup.  (If you reserved some of the crushed oreos, you can sprinkle them on top, too) Chill until serving. 

For the trifle bowl I used a clear glass bowl and a cut glass vase.  To anchor them together I used silly putty on the top edge of the vase and set the bowl on top.  It held really really well.  When I wanted to wash it I need help getting it a part to it was very tight and worked well

I only had a bite but it was very good.

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