Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Walmart Price Matching Changes and Deals

I was doing my Wednesdays shopping trip.  Things have been so upside down for me between snowstorms, health issues and boycotting Target. 

I stopped at Walmart to price match Piggly Wigglys and Festival Foods ads.  I was ready to check out and I was told nicely by the cashier that Walmart changed it's price matching policy.  They will only price match exact brand for exact brand.  They will not be price matching store brand for store brand any longer.  This is very disappointing for me.  I enjoyed this perk and never abused this right.  So now my shopping strategy will change again.  I will only stopping at Walmart once a month to stock up for the items I always buy there and will not be then every week.  One more store I don't have to stop at.  I usually shop from 7:30am until about noon.  Well since I don't stop at Target any more I have cut 45 minutes off my trip and if I don't stop at Walmart that will cut another 45 minutes to an hour off my trip.  I have doing more stopping at Aldis and have been very happy.  They have some really great fruits and vegetables plus there cheap.  Fruits and vegetables is my anchor of my diet.  However Aldis doesn't open until 9 in the morning there are times I have to sit in the parking lot waiting for it to open.  Getting home before 10 is really cool.  However I know I'm not stocking up on as many items.   This will catch up to me and I will have to go without or spend more money when my stock piles run out.

Gas prices here are $3.74 at most stations.  I saw one station at $3.69.
Milk  is on sale here for $1.99

Walmart has Great Value light 4 pack yogurt for $1.50 it is very good.  Fresh mushrooms $.98, asparagus $1.88 a pound, Birdseye frozen broccoli $1 each and I used 2 $1/2 coupons from the Sunday inserts. 

Aldis bags of puffed corn snacks (perfect for caramel corn) on sale for $.59 each.  Bananas $.39 a pound, cantaloupe $1.69 each, celery $.99, mangoes $.69 each (never had fresh before..  how do you eat fresh?  with the skin or without?) Navel oranges $1.99 a bag. gala apples (these are so good) $2.69 and red grapes $.75 a pound. 

Festival Food canned black olives $.89 limit, gallon white vinegar $1.49 limit 1, shredded cheese $.99 limit 3 and half gallon chocolate milk $.99 with ad coupons.  Hashbrowns $1.29 each with in store coupon. Turkey brats $2.50 on sale.  Spent $17 and saved $14.  Not my best but I didn't have any manufacturer coupons.

Pick n Save Beneful $5.65 and used $3 catalina coupon.  Shout color magnet $4.09 used $1/1 coupon printed from  I love these Shout Color magnet sheets..  they work!!  Boxed stuffing on sale for $.79 my hubby needs this for his fishing trip next week.  He will be going to Erie for his yearly fishing trip. Oreida potatoes $2.50 and used $1/2 coupons from last sundays paper.  Hot Pockets $1.53 with store coupon.  Single packs of salmon $1.  Milk $1.99 with store coupon.  Kens dressing $1.66 and used $1/1 from the Sunday inserts.  I doubled 5 coupons.  I spent $15 and saved $22.

Thats it for this week.  Craigslist have some rummages sale starting tomorrow.  Finally!

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Anonymous said...

Walmart does not price match competitors label price PROMOTIONS, it does match the competitors private label prices. if a conpetior sells it's own label milk for $2.50, walmart will match it, but not if the private store brand has a sale or special on that milk for $1.99.