Friday, December 11, 2009

Buying Christmas Gifts Online

It's very interesting when I think about it.  I sell so many things online, however I rarely ever buy anything online.  However this year for Christmas I have changed my thinking.  I bought 90% of my gifts online.  I have a Best Buy Credit which doubles as My Rewards Card.  So I get points with every purchase and double the points when buying from Best Buy.  Plus I'm a Premier Silver Card holder because I purchase more then $2,500 every 2 years from Best Buy.  So then I get free shipping on all online purchases from Best Buy.  (there are some other Best Buy benefits too) AND if I go through Mypoints I get 4 points per dollar.  So I have been racking up points at Mypoints and Best Buy.  I went through Mypoints to buy an Entertainment book, got free shipping, a discount and points.  Mypoints give points for Ebay purchases too.  So I have bought what I could off of Ebay.  If your interested in joining Mypoints I can send you a invitation.  I need your first last and email address.  I get rewards if you sign up from me.  Mypoints is really easy.  And they are associated with many online companies.  You can earn points by click on links through emails, purchases and other ways.  The rewards are in a form of Gift Cards.  They mail them quickly.  I usually get Gift Cards for Walmart or Target.

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