Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ebay Buyers That Don't Pay

Some time ago Ebay changed their rules on sellers leaving feedback for buyers.  We as sellers can not leave a buyer a negative.  This is not a big deal until a seller gets a buyer that refuses to pay for their auction that they won.  To me this is a binding contract, no one made them bid and win an auction.  Buyers expect the seller to describe the items correctly, answer endless questions that are many times answered in the listing (if only they would read the entire thing), wait for payment with some unbelievable reasons why we should wait or ship even tho it's a holiday or Sunday.  And the biggest one have it to them in a speed of light.  The buyer can leave a negative and ding away your stars, for reasons that are not the fault of the seller.  Additionally the buyer never even contacts the seller for a solution to their problem.  However the seller can only leave a positive.  I have a buyer right now that has not paid even tho I've sent a invoice, a friendly reminder email asking for them to contact me when I should expect payment.  I'm a reasonable patient person, talk to me and I will work things out.  Well after 8 days of waiting and no reply to my requests for communication or payment.  I filed a non payment against the buyer.  This action will have ebay contact the buyer and ask them in the nicest way to pay.  The buyer still has not paid and no communication.  Now I can close the case and at least get my seller fees back.  However I do not get the listing fee or the time it sat on the shelf waiting for the buyer to pay.  And the biggest one I can't leave a negative for the buyer so others can see this person bids and win but doesn't pay.  So the buyer can move on with her 100% feedback as if this person is a valued buyer.  This is wrong.  Why didn't  this person contact me and ask me to cancel??  I would have.  Can't beat a dead horse.  Plus I would have been able to relist this item right away instead of waiting 2 weeks to move on....  I value my customers and work hard to get items out throughout the day.  Even when I have something going on in my family.  I take the time to ship the item asap.    Here is a wonderful email that was sent to me just yesterday...

Wow! Thank you for the quick service! After ~10 years of shopping on eBay, I've gradually slowed down because of the declining service and quality of the eBay experience. Boy, did you break the mold with your quick service. It warms my heart that you're from WI; I grew up in IA. There's something about the Midwest work ethic ... . :-)

It's one the nicest emails from a buyer that I have received.   Here are another..

Hi Toni
I have just received the pattern by this morning's post. It arived in good order and beautifully wrapped! Thankyou very much for all your effort, it would be lovely to deal with you again.
Must go now, can't wait to get cutting out!
All the best

Here's another memorable email...  great, friendly lady!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I just got off the phone with you and as soon as I hung up I called my mother. She was SO EXCITED when I told her that you were going to scan the recipe for the brownies and send it via email in advance of getting the cookbook in the mail. Her first words were "We can make them for New Years! How exciting!" For just a moment I felt like I was a 9 year old little girl again talking to my mom.

It sounds utterly crazy I know, but that brownie recipe holds so many memories for my family. Whenever we had a family "celebration" be it a school achievement, any kind of "award", the first day of summer vacation, the first day of school and even my parents wedding anniversary, those brownies where made. 

I can't wait to get the cookbook!  Have a very Happy New Year! 
And another

Toni, Thanks alot for the quick ship on the MOPAR can/cloth. I have listed you as a favorite for future use. Keep me in mind if you get any more MOPAR or PLYMOUTH items. I am going to use the can as a prop with my MOPAR cars at carshows. I see your email has mustang in it. I also have a classic '70 Stang. Thought you might enjoy a couple of pics. Take care.

This above buyer actually sent me pictures of his car.  I loved it.  Over all most buyers are wonderful people and solidify the reason I sell online. However today I'm more disappointed in ebay then the buyer, all I wanted was to tell others this buyer doesn't pay for items they won.

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