Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Huge Kelloggs Savings

Today was my shopping day.  Last week had a huge snow storm so I didn't get to Pick n Save for double coupon day (Wednesday only).  But I made it today!!!  Boy did I do well...  I saved $125 dollars!!!  I spent $28!!!!!!!  I got 20 boxes of Kelloggs cereal for $1 for all!!!  Thats not $1 each, thats $1 for all 20 boxes.  I had one $5 off 4 boxes, several $1/1 or $.75/1 and the rest were $1/2.  Pick n Save buy 8 boxes and get them $.99 each!!!  So I made a haul.  12 boxes of the cereal was donated.  There is no way my daughter or I can eat that much cereal before it expires.  Sadly we are the only 2 in the house that eats cereal...  Allso included in the Kelloggs deal were Keebler crackers or cookies.  I only had 2 $1/2 coupons for crackers.  So I only bought 4 boxes of crackers.  Which was ok because I have been stocking up on crackers and really couldn't use any more.  Cereal is a better item to donate then crackers.  This sale ends tomorrow.  Pick n Save has Maxwell House coffee on sale with in store coupons for $3.87 Limit 1 and milk for $1.49 Limit 2.  They have Phil. cream cheese for $.77 each and I had $1/3 coupons!!!  I bought 9 bricks.  I had to make 3 trips into the store for all these deals but it was well worth it. 

Another great day at Walgreens.  I saved  $46 dollars and spent $13 received $8 in Register Rewards for next time.  Plus I will get $5.99 in Olay Quench rebate back in the mail.  I used a The B1G1F was buy one Body Wash get the Lotion free, this coupon was in the Sunday inserts over Thanksgiving weekend. This hobby is so much fun.  I love saving money.  I also made a trip to Walmart and price matched some items from Festival Foods.  Didn't save as much there but I still got a few good deals there too!!! 

While I was checking out at PnS the woman behind me was watching and couldn't believe my 4 bags of groceries cost less then $6.  She was shocked and started asking me about how I did it.  She will be emailing for some of the printable grocery coupons links so she can get in on some of these deals too!!  It felt good to able to tell her about this hobby and help!! 

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