Friday, December 11, 2009

Received My HP Wireless Printer

I received my printer.  I love it!!  It has a touch screen!!  I had some trouble with the software.  On the main desk top (which is mine) I had to download the software twice before it worked.  Then I worked with the laptop.  Man, it didn't go well at all.  It was a challenge and it took a good part of the day.  The laptop should have been the easiest because it has built in WiFi, but nope.  I had to hook up the printer to the laptop before it would pick up the printer.  The software had to be loaded several times before it loaded properly.   I was a very happy person when it printed the first job!!!  My daughter thought I was crazy!!  Then I tried it on my daughters desk top.  I had to load the software twice on there too before it worked.  But when it worked, it did everything by itself.  It picked up the router/printer signal so fast.  You should have seen the computer screen... boxes and pops flying around so fast.   I thought oh no what just happened here.  Then it settled down and the page said ready to print!!  Oh my, it's done already.  Very cool.  I was home alone and no one to celebrate with!!   My daughter has a wireless adapter on her computer and it picked everything up all on it's own.  Nice!!  The printer works great, now on all the computers.  I have the old printer on Craigslist for sale, but no one is interested so far.  It's a great printer, nothing wrong with it.  I just wanted wireless, so when the other computers have something to printer they didn't have to put the jobs on a jump drive and move over to my computer where the printer was.  With the old printer I couldn't get it to work on my network because my computer is an XP and the others are Vista.  The printer software was for XP.  I tried to download the updated Vista software from Canon and it wouldn't failed every time.  So to have a printer on the my network I had to buy a different printer or different computer.   We'll see if the old printer sells.  If no one is interested I will sell in next summer at the Rummage Sale.

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