Sunday, June 5, 2011

Friday Rummage Sale finds

7 Hooking Kits-sell
Lite Brite-sell
2 stuffed animals-sell
5 Gurley candles-sell
2 electric candles-sell
ice pack-keep
vintage building blocks-sell
game boy game-sell
Twilight Blue Ray-sell
stuffed monkey-sell
2 vintage electric candles-sell

nice computer chair-keep
3 dvd's-keep
5 new nighties -keep
5 tops for Nic-keep
3 leapfrog books-keep
Pampered Chef cookbook-sell
jello bean mold-sell
dew t-keep
nail polish-keep
pampered chef teaspoon-sell
white shirt-keep

6 tops-keep
socking hat-keep
2 electric candles-sell
2 sets of jello alphabet-sell
2 new dvds-sell
2 fake loafs of bread-keep
lined basket-keep
brackets and shoe strings-keep
scrapbook paper-keep
6 patterns-sell
ziploc of letter cookie cutter-keep
2 black binders-keep
clear jar-keep
pickle keeper-sell
vintage building toys-sell
pooh latch hook kit-sell
13 tops-keep
pampered chef measure all-sell
food saver container-sell
3 books on tape-sell
2 free cookbooks-sell
hard wallet-keep

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