Saturday, June 4, 2011

Prairie Tale by Melissa Gilbert

I did finally finish this book.  I have been reading it for months!!  It was very good.  I was surprised at how much I didn't know.  First Willie who played Nellies brother on Little House on the Praire is her real life brother.  I think someone had mentioned it a long time ago and I had forgotten.  Second that her mother was very protective and shielded Melissa from every thing bad or negative through her whole childhood.  Melissa didn't knew little to nothing about relationships when the storyline with Manly started.  Melissa didn't really enjoy her scenes with Dean Butler.  Did you know that Michael Landon  called Melissa Half Pint in real life?  After Little House she did not live her life like Laura.  She dated Rob Lowe and she partied hard.  Very hard.  She has had several plastic surgeries, including breast implants.  Didn't know that.  She is also an alcoholic, another shock that I didn't know.  I was a good book, if I wouldn't be so busy I would have finished it alot sooner...   

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