Friday, June 10, 2011

Wednesday Deals

Pick n Save doubled 10 coupons this week.  So I spent $8 and saved 20.45.  Creamette Quick cook pasta on sale $.99 and I had $.55 coupons doubled.  So better then free.  Gain Dish soap.  $.59 on clearance I had a $.50 coupon from a home mailer that was doubled, again better then free.  Kens Dressing on sale $2.50 and I used $1/1 doubled from Sunday inserts.  Jet Dry $2.99 used $1/1 from Sunday inserts.  Hidden Valley Caesar salad kit $2.38 and used $1/1 doubled coupon from the Sunday inserts.  (actually these are really good).  Ronzoni Garden Delight pasta $1.99 and used $1/1 coupon from the Sunday insert, which was doubled.  Pork Tenderloin (always tender) $6.23 and used $1/1 coupon doubled from the Sunday insert.  Then I bought  Always Tender pork roast $3.87 and used $1/1 coupon doubled.  Cover Girl eyeliner $2.30 and used $1/1 coupon from a home mailer.  Fresh green beans on sale $.88 a pound. 

Walmart is back to price matching store brand items.  I can't believe they tried to change that rule to start with.  But they realized that people weren't price matching Festival Food which is about 4 blocks away.  They were just shopping there instead.  Whatever...  it's back and so am I .  I price matched milk for $.99 Walmarts regular price was $3.23 for Skim!!!  Crazy!!!  I also bought cases of water $2.74. 

Walgreens 12 packs of Dr Pepper $10/4 after register rewards.  Soleil razors $.99 after $3 coupon and register rewards.  Fusion razors $.89 after $4 coupon and register rewards.

I also stopped at Aldis for watermelon $2.99, cherries $2.49, strawberries $.99, blueberries $1.29 and some ice cream sandwiches!! 

Thats all for this week.

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