Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shopping Deals for the Week

Walgreens 2 liter bottles of Mt Dew $.88 each, limit 3.  Reach twin toothbrushes $.99 after register rewards.   I used a $1/1 coupon from All You Magazine.. so free.  Case of bottled water $2.39 limit 2.  I went back the other day for more water and Twizzlers, they were out on Monday when I was there.  I bought 2 Twizzlers for $2 after register rewards.  We always have Twizzlers for Iola carshow which is next week.. So the timing was perfect.  I also need Nexxus shampoo..  no coupon and no sale.  Man!!  Today I got an email from Nexxus with a $3 coupon... yeah no timing there!

Aldis have strawberries for $.99 a quart and cantaloupe $.99 each!!  Oh they also have Puffed Corn...  They don't always have this.  I used to make caramel corn with this stuff (so good without old maids and hulls) but now I eat them plain as a snack. 

Pick n Save
Hamburger and Hot Dog buns $.79 each, Lays chips $1.88 they have some new flavors, Hills Brothers decaf $8.61 used $.75 from Sunday inserts and it was doubled.  I can't believe how expensive coffee, especially decaf is getting.  Crystal Light $2.25 each and I used $1/1 coupons from the Sunday inserts which was doubled.  Gatorade $.69 limit with in store coupon.  Roths Sugar Free syrup $1.49 clearance.  Pail of Roundy's ice cream $4.49 with in store coupon.  Cool Whip $1 each.  Hillshire turkey smokey links $3.  Angel Food Cake from the deli $2.99.  I can't believe it's cheaper to buy one already made then to buy the mix.  Louis Kemp crab chunks B1G1F.  Always Tender Pork tenderloin and pork roast both are the small package.  I used $1 coupon on each and they were doubled.  So I got both for least them $5.  12 pack of beer $8.49.  Helva Good dip $1 each and I used $.75/1 coupons from the Sunday inserts.  I spent $58 and saved $43 not my best, oh well.  I doing the Monopoly game.  Let me tell you what happened last week.  I was in line to check out and a gentlemen behind me only had one item so I let him go first.  When he checked out he didn't have his key card for the sale price.  So I let him use mine.  Well when I gave her my card again she scanned it and it said I was at my limit and it wouldn't let me use it.  I said this was my first trip and she said well it was used 7 times today.  I'm like nope just for the guy ahead of me and me.  So someone else in line let  me use their so I could get the sale price.  I went to the service desk they said there is nothing they can do someone else is using my phone number.  People are going through time after time using other peoples phone numbers so they can get more of the Monopoly game pieces!!!  I can't believe someone I know would do that.  Customer service said that people are going through their cell phones and using all the numbers in their phone book.  Well that is a gutsy thing to do, why is Pick N Save letting people do that????  I was unhappy because I was in a big hurry last week and this slowed me down.  This week no problems, so maybe they are cracking down...  let keep the game playing fair!!

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