Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Henry and Ford

Ford is such a good boy, he sat and watched me cook all day!!

Henry didn't care and slept the day away!
2 of Nicci's dated bears.  Santa has given her a dated bear every single year.  However the pile is getting to big (14) to display all in one spot.  So there are a few bears  here and there all over the house.

A few things that I shipped out today.  I got 2 orders out of my store over night, the buyers are hoping they will arrive for Christmas..  I'm hoping too, I got them in the mail, I did my part!  I still have 3 items I sold on ebay that haven't been paid for.  I sure hope they do pay.  But I know they won't be getting these things for Christmas.

Please note this post for some reason didn't get published.  I just found it was saved as a draft.  So the time line is out of order.

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