Thursday, December 9, 2010

What life is like at 98

My grandmother is 98 and lives at a local assistant living center.  Her eyes are failing, walking is difficult and her hearing isn't what it used to be.  Every time I see her she tells me that it's a bummer to be 98.  I know she is very proud of her age, but I think she is well aware of how her body is wearing out.  Some many of her friends have passed and most of family members from her generation has also passed.  One out of her five children has passed (my dad).  All of her children are elderly now and can't care for her.  It's even hard for them to visit.  Most of her grandchildren and great grandchildren don't visit.  So it's lonely for her.  She can't see well enough for her beloved crafts or even to see the TV.  Up until today meals were the high light of her day.  Today my mom went to visit and grandma was waiting for lunch in the gathering room.  Mom said she was so sad looking, much like she is giving up.  She said the workers at the home won't let her sleep.  She said that's really all she wants to do is sleep.  Grandma asked mom to take her back to her room so she could sleep.  Mom was completely surprised that she didn't want to eat.  She had no interest.  Meal time is the most important thing in her day.  This is not a good sign, grandma is giving up.  Mom took grandma back to her room and went to find the supervisor.  She said they would bring something for grandma to eat and check on her.  Which I'm glad they are going to do, however this act is going to make her upset because she only wants to sleep.  When I heard this I wanted to run there and see her but I don't want her to be upset with me for bothering her.  I don't want her being upset be the last time I see her either.  So I will visit tomorrow.  I will pray for her today that hopefully she will bounce back over night.  I know the holidays are rough the elderly but this is very unusual her. 

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