Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Some Christmas Items are Already Clearanced.

Menards has all Christmas 45% off today and tomorrow it will go to 50%.  Pick N Save had Glade, Airwick and Febreeze Christmas scents already 50%  I had a couple of coupons for Glade Glass holders. 

Be ready for the after Christmas clearance.  Target Christmas aisles are full.  So there will be plenty of things to buy when it goes 50%  If Target follows what they do every year their Christmas stuff should go to 50% already on Friday/Christmas Eve.  If there is something you need buy it asap when you see or hear that it's clearance time.  Target should be going 75% off on News Eve or News Day.  It usually runs for about 2 days and then it will go to 90% for only one day.  But don't wait to buy something unless your willing to live without it.  Target also had a few Febreeze and Airwick Christmas scents on clearance.  No Glade yet.  Walmart usually starts it's clearance the day after Christmas.  I have never really felt good about their sale.  I find much better deals at Target, but it doens't hurt to look.  Kohls also has a fabulous clearance sales after Christmas.  I also love to go to Hobby Lobby for their Christmas clearance.  But I have a hard time not buying everything there.  I love everything they put on the shelves. 

What Christmas items do you buy for next year.  Paper, ribbon, tags, lights and garland.  If your interested in doing a Christmas tree make over, buy that new artificial this year and all the matching ornaments when they go on clearance this year.  You might have to go to more then one store to get what you need, but it will be a lot cheaper to do it after Christmas then waiting for before Christmas next year.  If you don't have enough room to store them, when you take down the tree this year donate them or sell them at your next rummage sale.  You could also list them on freecycle  or free!

Also don't forget to check other departments for Christmas items that would be on clearance too. Such as the pet department you might be able to find treats that are a holiday bag, container or stocking.  Storage totes in red and green.  Gift sets of tools and car cleaners.  Fragrance and makeup gift sets.  Holiday movies, books and cd's.  Glad bags, wraps and containers, I don't care if there is holiday theme I will use them all year round.  Holiday candles.  Toys, I saw today there some of Targets Toys were 30% already.   Kitchen items like roasters, glassware, holiday china, pots/pans and other items that the store might have as special purchases- gifts.  And of course outerwear, sleepwear and winter clothes. 

If you get gift cards as gifts, make sure you check out the clearance at that store in January and beginning of February because that is the time of the year with the biggest clearance sales store wide.  If you have a gift card you can really stretch it with clearance sales.

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