Monday, February 7, 2011

Green Bay Packers Cheeseheads!

The Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl last night.  It was amazing.  I live only 30 miles from Green Bay its such a thrill to be so near Titletown and feel the vibe.   Everyone is still on such a high today from the win last night.  This afternoon every ones lives will stop to watch the Packer arrive back to Green Bay.  Their arrival will be televised on all the local channels.  This high from winner Super Bowl 45 will last for days.  We are winners and loving it.  When the Packers go all the way like this really helps make winter go faster.  I remember when Brett Favre took the Packers to win Super Bowl 31 that January also flew right by with all the excitement of the winning all the play offs just like this time.  I love see the Packers at top of this list again!!

2011XLVGreen Bay PackersPittsburgh Steelers31-25Texas
2010XLIVNew Orleans SaintsIndianapolis Colts31–17Miami
2009XLIIIPittsburgh SteelersArizona Cardinals27-23Tampa
2008XLIINew York GiantsNew England Patriots17-14Arizona
2007XLIIndianapolis ColtsChicago Bears29-17Miami
2005XXXIXNew EnglandPhiladelphia24-21Jacksonville
2004XXXVIIINew EnglandCarolina32-29Houston
2003XXXVIITampa BayOakland48-21San Diego
2002XXXVINew EnglandSt Louis20-17N Orleans
2001XXXVBaltimoreNY Giants34-7Tampa
2000XXXIVSt LouisTennessee23-16Atlanta
1998XXXIIDenverGreen Bay31-24San Diego
1997XXXIGreen BayNew England35-21N Orleans
1995XXIXSan FranciscoSan Diego49-26Miami
1991XXVNY GiantsBuffalo20-19Tampa
1990XXIVSan FranciscoDenver55-10N Orleans
1989XXIIISan FranciscoCincinnati20-16Miami
1988XXIIWashingtonDenver42-10San Diego
1987XXINY GiantsDenver39-20Pasadena
1986XXChicagoNew England46-10N Orleans
1985XIXSan FranciscoMiami38-16Stanford
1984XVIIILA RaidersWashington38-9Tampa
1982XVISan FranciscoCincinnati26-21Pontiac
1981XVOaklandPhiladelphia27-10N Orleans
1980XIVPittsburghLA Rams31-19Pasadena
1978XIIDallasDenver27-10N Orleans
1975IXPittsburghMinnesota16-6New Orleans
1973VIIMiamiWashington14-7Los Angeles
1972VIDallasMiami24-3N Orleans
1970IVKansas CityMinnesota23-7N Orleans
1969IIINY JetsBaltimore16-7Miami
1968IIGreen BayOakland33-14Miami
1967IGreen BayKansas City35-10Los Angeles

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