Thursday, February 3, 2011

Target Coupons

There are a lot of great coupons to print on the home page scroll to the bottom.  It's in the first column/middle of the page.  I printed these Philly cream cheese $.50/2, OM Carving Board $.75/1, Mt Dew 12's, Jello $.50/2, Finsh Jet Dry dishwasher cleaner $1/1, Mars candy $1/3 and GE Reveal $1/1.  All of these coupons are Target coupons which you can use right along with manufacturer coupons.  There is a Philly cream cheese $.50/2 that can be printed from used 21921 zip code if it doesn't come up with your zip. Remember you can use a manufacturer coupon along with a store coupon.  So you can use both the coupons on 2 packages of cream cheese.  This could be a good deal depending if the cream cheese goes on sale or if their regular price is good.  Plus you could price match at Target if another local store has a better price.  Same goes for the OM Carving Board  there is a $1/1 that can be printed at or use the coupon that came in the Sunday inserts and the $.75 coupon and get $1.75 off.  Again is depends on the store. Finish, jello and GE also have manufacturer coupons.  I have printed these out so I'm ready for some great deals.  Please NOTE the last time I was at Target they wouldn't let me use more then 3 a like coupons.  So keep that in mind.

Some people don't believe it printing them out until they know they can use them.  But I think that way I would miss out on clearance deals and unadvertised deals by not having the coupons printed.  I might not use every coupon I print and those coupons do get wasted.  But I think the few sheets of paper and ink are worth the gamble. 

I think there is a way to send Target digital coupons to my blackberry but I haven't tried it yet.  I haven't done e coupons loaded on store cards either.  This is something I will be looking into and letting you know my thoughts.

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