Saturday, February 12, 2011

This Weeks Deal - HP G Series Laptop From Best Buy Review

I didn't do a lot of shopping this week.

Target Finish Gel Tabs are on sale for  $2.50 and I had one $2.25 that my aunt received in her Sunday inserts.  I didn't get these great coupons in ours.  I ended up with a 20 count box for $2.24 plus tax.

  Finish dishwasher cleaner was on sale for $2.59 and I had a $1/1 coupon from the Sunday inserts and a $1 off Target coupon.  Vaseline lotion is on sale for $3.69 and I had a $1 coupon from the Sunday inserts.  My dove body mist was on sale for $3.27 and I got more of these coupons from my aunt and Target has the scent I like.  Nexxus shampoo is $8.69 not on sale can you believe it?  But I needed a really good shampoo so I splurged, but I had a $3 off coupon from a home mailer.  I also bought some paper dessert plates that were on clearance for $1.49.  I spent $12 and I saved $15.

Walmart this week Nestle water has the 28 packs back again for $2.88.  Aspargus $1.48 price matched with Pick n Save ad.  That was the only item I wanted or need from Pick n Save so I didn't go this week there.  Walmart has tons of stuff on clearance.  See what I bought....

  aren't they the cutest?  The bottoms aren't hard so they don't clunk so loud when ya walk and that also makes them gentle on the feet.

I stopped at Aldis which I haven't been doing.  I got milk, eggs, bananas, oranges (these are so good, I went back and got 2 more bags) cantaloupe, bread and tortilla chips. 

I went shopping on Wednesday and the high temperature was 1 degree, so I put off getting gas until the next day.  Well gas was $3.09 on Wednesday it was $3.14 on Thursday! and the temperature was 2 below 0!!! Man was I unhappy but then I was in town on Friday and guess what????  Gas was back to $3.09!!  now with the Egypt revolution over (hopefully) gas is going back down.  But let me tell you it seems like a really bad joke on me!!!  Anyway the reason I was in town so often this week is I bought this

Now everyone in the house has a computer.  Philip would sit and wait for him dad to be done with the latop..  but usually it was Philip waiting for his dad to fall asleep and then carefully remove the lap top without waking him..  It was a cute little joke in the house.  I really did want an extra computer so we can hook up the laptop to the TV so we can watch TV over the internet.  We don't have cable so now we can see some of the stuff the rest of the world is seeing on the big TV.    This is my first HP laptop, all our desk tops are HP and I won't buy any other brand for desktops.  However our other lap top is a Toshiba and we have had great luck with that.  This HP G62-4570X was a great price and it has a webcam, HDMI port.  I had it optimized at Best Buy to take the bloatware off.  I installed Avast free antivirus which was a breeze and so was the HP wireless printer software.  I made my own restore disk too.  I had this up and running in less then an hour... how things have changed in the last 12-13 years that I've had a computer.  I remember downloading Microsoft updates on dial up that would take an entire day to do!!!  So far I really like it.  No serious complaints.  I don't like the touch pad.  There is no scrolling feature.  Its really hard to get used to especially when reading blogs and my google reader.  But I guess I will get used to it.  And I knew this computer didn't have this feature before I bought so I can't make a fuss about it.  And the other thing is the keys seem loose/wiggly or kind of cheap compared to the Toshiba.   I also bought the extended 2 year warranty.  I normally don't buy these but with the lap tops it must have.  The 2 year deal includes everything except for droppage and abuse.  But the best part is you get one replacement battery free someone during the 2 years.  Nice... laptop batteries are expensive!  The laptop was $399 and the warranty was $99.  Best Buy has a buy back program and since I bought it this week the buy back program is free.  Other wise it would have been $70.  This is the craziest program ever.  I think having to pay for it is not right.   Ok if I would turn in my laptop in 6 months I would $200 back.  But if I waited 2 years I would only $80 back no matter if it works or not.  Plus if I would actually have paid for the program $70 that doesn't come out very good.   However down the road 2 year what will it cost to dispose of a non working laptop is a good question.  But for now there is no way I would spend the money and I'm lucky it was free for me...  however 2 years from now I will probably still using this laptop, just like our other one is almost 3 years old and there is nothing wrong with it, up until yesterday hubby and first born were fighting for it!  LOL! 

Hey this after noon the temperature was 33 degrees.  I took Henry outside to play with Shelby and the snow.
Ok is this too much Henry?????  Nah...

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