Friday, February 18, 2011

Wednesdays Deals

Well lets start with Tuesday I stopped at Walgreens for Reach toothbrushes $.99 after Register Rewards, but my $1/1 coupons that I had printed from either or were expired.  I had a few of the $2/2 coupons but those won't work because the rewards is only for 1.  So moving on.  I checked out the 50% off Valentines stuff and I found 4 Lindt Truffles $1.99 and I had 4 $1/1 coupons.  So lucky I had just the right amount of coupons!!  $.99 each is a GREAT price.  Also bought 4 Valentines Gift sacks for $.50/4 they will work for other occasions too.

Then on Wednesday I stopped at Walmart price matched with the Festival Foods ad they are having a dollar days sale.  I got Mt Dew 2 liter, Louis Kemp Imitation crab (great for on lettuce salads and in noodle salads), gallon of milk, Birdseye Steamfresh and No Yolk noodles.  All a dollar each and then I had $1/2 coupons for the No Yolks and$1/3 for the Steamfresh.  I also bought Huggies 16 wipes which were $.97 each and used the $.75 coupons that I talked about here.  They have Ortega taco seasoning $.58 and I used $1/2 coupon I printed from  I used the Gain $3/1 coupon that was in the Sunday inserts last weekend.  80 count sheets are $3.26.  I wish I had more of these, were all out the last time I looked. I spent $29 and saved $17.

I did actually stop at Festival Foods because Walmart doesn't carry a few things that they had on sale and there was a limit on how many I could purchase.  So I picked up more No Yolks, milk and Birdseye because I had more coupons.  Then I also picked up 2 packages of Goldfish Extreme pizza crackers, Tato Skins, Sour Dough Italian bread and Dr Pepper 6pk bottles...  ALL were $1 each even the 6pk of Dr Pepper!!  Which Walmart was out of!  Spent $22 saved 30.

Pick n Save  Kraft Sandwich Mayo in Garlic and Herb...  I so wanted to try this and there is a $.75 coupon out which expires at the beginning of March.  So I want to try it because my other coupons expire...  if I like it I will pick up more.  Nope haven't tried it yet.  Ragu Alfredo $1.88 used $1/2.  Progresso Classic soup $.99 used $1./4 coupon from the Sunday inserts.  Ken's Dressing $1.66 used $1/1 from the Sunday inserts.  Ronzoni pasta $1 and used $1/2 coupons from the Sunday inserts. Totino pizzas $1/1 used $.75/2 and $1/3 coupons that I printed from somewhere.  Pure Silk shaving cream $1.  Sargento shredded cheese clearanced $1.49 (these were specialty flavors) used $.50/2.  Spent $17 and saved $35.

Target 3 pk of Lysol Toilet bowl cleaner $3.48 clearanced and I used $1/2 coupon from the Sunday inserts.  They had their Valentines stuff 50% off and I bought Snickers fun size.  However that is not what they charged me and I didn't notice until I got home.  The self price was $3.74 and I was charged $2.70.  I used the $1.50/2 coupon. Not at all happy about being over charged!!!  They have GE Energy Smart single pack of light bulbs $2.69 and I used $1/1 from the Sunday inserts and I also used $1/1 coupon printed from  Then I bought some more of the Vaseline Lotion $2.99 and I used the $1/1 coupon from the Sunday inserts and the $1/1 coupon printed from  This combation worked perfectly last week but this week the manufacturer coupon beeped OMG she refused to take it.  It was the correct product and size.  Everything was right but the coupon beeped and she refused to take it.  They won't take coupons if they beep and it doesn't matter why.  They won't take more then 3 alike coupons PER DAY!!!  So I can't have things rung up separately.  Nor can I take the items out of the store and come back and buy more.  I don't get why they are being so hard on the coupon users.  Why would they want to refuse a sale because the person is using coupons?  If they don't want the shelves to be clean off by one coupon using person then they should put a limit on how many one person can purchase and it should be clearly stated on the shelf.  However they do not have any of their rules posted anywhere.  They can do make up their own rules at will.  I have had so many upsets with Target in the last few months.. I tend to go there less and less.  I used to get all my mypoints rewards put on Target gift cards but no more.  I will not be getting my prescriptions there any longer either.  I wish they understood that they have a nitch  with their clearance prices and excepting coupons and they should embrace those customers that come in for those deals..  Because I used to buy more there, but since their tougher coupon rules, their backward way of doing price matches, their refusal of holding merchandise that was paid for, their unpredictable cafe hours, they refused to give back CASH on a turn with a receipt.  I had to take the money on a gift card...  unacceptable!!!!  It's just one thing after another.  I'm to the point I will only go their for must haves and will explain each and everyone of my grievances here on my blog.

Last stop Aldis for more of the oranges..  they are so good!!!

I had to stop at the library today so I thought I would stop at Piggly Wiggly to pick up Bugles $.98, Cheerio Snack mix $.98, Chex Mix $.98, Food Club Graham crackers ($.88 with facebook coupon), Pillsbury Crescents $.98, Progresso Soup $.98, and Hamburger Helper$.88 to get those prices they must be purchased in groups of 8 which I did and then I used $1/4 coupon for the soup, $.75/3 coupon for the Pillsbury and the $.75/3 for the Hamburger Helper.  So I spent $19 and saved $34.

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