Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Build a Bear

My daughter collects Build a Bear.  This is her collection.  There is roughly 75-80 regular size animals and then she has about 10-15 small or babies that match the big animals.  Most of the animals were bought at rummage sales.  She loves every one of her animals!!  Some times I will buy something that she already has or I buy a duplicate of an animal just for the clothes they maybe wearing or it has sound.  Some of her animals don't have sound.  So if I find one with sound I will buy that one and resell the one she had without sound.    She has a ton of clothes.  Kind of funny when very few are actually wearing clothes in the picture!! LOL.  The one things that she really wants is the bow for her Hello Kitty.  She didn't have one when we got her.  So next trip to the mall we are getting the bow...  if BAB has one.  We are going to try this coupon, I would like to share...  $5 coupon expires 2-5-10 

I would like to share my great experience with Build a Bear.  We had bought a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer at a rummage sale.  The nose didn't light up.  This is the older style deer.  I thought it was just the battery, so we took it back to the store.  Hoping they would open it up, I would then go and buy a battery and they would stitch it back up.  Well after talking to the clerk in the store.  They convinced me to send it to the BAB hospital in Texas and they would fix/repair if for free.  So ok, lets do it.  The clerk said it would take about 2 weeks.  So after two weeks and no deer.  I called the store at the mall.  They called the hospital and I got a call from the doctor in TX.  Sad news was there was a defect in the nose and it couldn't be fixed.  However they offered to send a coupon for a different animal for free or they could put sound in the deer and send it back.  Well I know this old style is rather rare and probably worth some money even with the nose not working.  So I took her up on the offer of sound.  So in a few days I got a box from the UPS man with from the hospital.  There was Rudolph all brushed out, with sound and a brand new Santa hat.  I was so impressed.  They really do take care of their own!!!  

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