Saturday, January 2, 2010

Trojan called Security Tool

Man!!!   Yesterday my husbands laptop got a Trojan Called Security Tool.  Wow it was nasty.  I spent 3 hours trying to figure out what to do.  Then another 3 hours fixing it and running anti ware programs to clean it up.

This is what I did.. short explanation

First restart the computer, when it's starting up before everything at start up is loaded.  Hit Ctrl, Alt and Delete all at the same time.  That will bring up the Task Manager.  Click on the Processes tab.  This thing was a 8 digit number which happened to be the first on my list.  Click on it to high light and then at the bottom click on the end processes.  This will shut down the nasty Trojan so that you can get online.  Then go to Malwarebytes Anti Malware the download is free.  Download, install and run it.  Then follow instructions to quarantine all infections.  It will take care of Security Tool.  Then make sure you update and run your other anti spyware and adware programs.  Then I also download Firefox on my husbands computer.  A week ago I downloaded  IE8 on his computer and in that week he had 2 different problems.  My daughter and I both us Firefox on our computers and don't have any troubles.  So now all the computers in the house are using Firefox.  We'll see if that helps.

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