Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bosch SHE43F16UC Dishwasher It's been a Year

It been a year with my Bosch  .  It doesn't feel like it's been a year.  I still love it and I learned a lot about it.  First I had stock piled dishwasher tabs when ever I could get them for free months before I even I had a dishwasher.  So I was using these tab up until late fall.  Well then I had to buy some and of course I got some free or for pennies and thats when trouble began.  My dishes were coming out with a white powdery streaks on them.  I was using Finish tabs and Finish Rinse this was Bosch user book said worked best and it did until my stock pile ran out.  I bought the same product but the powder seemed to stick to all the glasses and any item that boiled water or was in boiling water.  Like my pots and black spoons.  My black glasses we horrible and I didn't want to drink out of them  I had to wash everything in vinegar to get rid of the white streaks.  I stopped putting my black nylon spoons and such in the dish washer.  Hint when this happens I would wipe them down with vegetable oil and then hand wash them and it restored them to looking new.  However most of my pots are still white.   I googled the problem and the first thing that came up was hard water.  And yes we have very hard water and we have a water softener.  I had hubby check it and it was working fine.  So the next thing that was talked about was using to much detergent.  Well thats not the case because I'm use the tabs its all measured out.  However they also talked about how manufacturers had to change the formula of the detergent because  the government banned phosphorus.  That is one of the ingredients and I guess without it I get white powdery streaks on my dishes.  I really had it bad because most of my dishes and equipment is black.   I bought liquid that didn't work.  I used my tabs and vinegar as a rinse and that didn't work.  I used liquid and vinegar that didn't work.  So then I realized  the inside of the dishwasher probably also had a build up but I couldn't see that.  I was running vinegar in my empty dishwasher once a month, but I needed something more of a cleaner.  So I bought Finish Dishwasher cleaner.  Actually I bought 2 and I ran them through right after each other in the longest cycle.  And that did the trick.  I still was seeing the build up start again.  So I bought the Finish gel packs.  That was the thing!!  But I have all of these tabs I got stock piled again.  My solution is I run a gel pack and tab every other time and I don't use a rinse.  I fill a measuring cup with 4 oz of vinegar, set it in the bottom rack every time I run the dishwasher and I have not had one problem since!!  I run a Finish dishwasher cleaner through once a month.  I think this works for this dishwasher and our water.  I don't know if this would work for you.  I think everyone has to try different things to see what works for you. 

I don't have any issues with the dishes coming clean aside from the white powder issue I was having.  Once in a while something will come out dirty but it is because someone loaded the dishwasher wrong.  Like a bowl right side up or 2 plates in the same slot.  It's amazes me that the kids really think it's gonna come clean when they load it that way.

I was really worried about how much the electric bill was going to go up.  Well I didn't see a difference in our bill.  The first 6 months I ran it on the Pot Scrubber cycle which is over a 100 minutes.  That is a long time.  So I had to get everything in there from the entire day or still do some dishes that didn't fit.  Well then I thought I'm going to try the quick cycle which is just under 30 minutes and guess what it cleans the almost as well as the pot scrubber cycle.  If I have some really tough pots and pans they won't come out clean but the typical dirty dishes including dried melted cheese comes right off in the shorter cycle.  With the shorter cycle I run it more then once a day.  So I don't have to pack it so tight and the kids can throw in dishes with less worry about getting it wrong and it will come out clean.  I don't have to worry so much about the electricity.  If I run it twice a day on the shorter cycle it still is less runny time then one of the pot scrubber cycle.  We have a well so I have no clue if the dishwasher uses to much water.

Another concern that I had was moisture in the house from the heat from the dishwasher.  From the research I did before went looking for a dishwasher that the Bosch was the best for less moisture.  The stainless interior really promotes drying and it doesn't have a heating element on the bottom so there isn't a drying cycle.   I have not had an issue with spots, no matter if I take the glasses out when the cycle ends and they are still warm or if I take out the glasses 2 hours after the cycle.  However plastic containers don't dry well.  Most because of the rim, water sits in the rim.  So I do have to dry my plastic containers with a towel.  I have not found any more moisture on my windows in the winter after running the dishwasher.  I did look at other models like Kitchen Aid (comparable price) and they did have some really cool bells and whistles that my Bosch model didn't have but the Bosch rep of great cleaning and drying I was sold.

Some of my logos on coffee mugs and any paint on glasses have come off because of the dishwasher.  Now when I buy new items I pay attention if it is dishwasher safe.  I never did that before because I didn't have a dishwasher.

Would I buy this model again? yes.  Would I tell my friends and family to buy this model? yes. 


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