Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

OMG the entire country of Japan had a Earthquake 8.8 which caused a Tsunami.  This is a horrible situation for this country.  My prayers are going out to them. 

Now they are saying that Hawaii could get a damaging Tsunami it won't be a huge only 6 to 8 feet vs the 23 foot wave Japan was hit with.  Still could cause damage but there has been enough of warning for people to go inland.  This Tsunami could hit the west coast of the main land.  Hopefully it will be less of a impact by the time it gets to the States.  My prayers go out to all the people in the Pacific!! 

Everyone must be on You Tube looking at this because I can't get into You Tube this morning.  Other wise I would have posted a video!! Maybe I will be able update later today.  I will be watching!!

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