Friday, March 11, 2011

Target RANT

I'm going to talk negatively about Target.  I'm keeping it real people...  First I will NOT be going back into Target Appleton East ever.  Its so sad, I hate the thought of no more clearance items, after holiday discounts and great sales.  But I have had it.  They keep changing their coupon rules.  I can't keep up and I leave feeling like I was doing something wrong.  I wasn't I was following their rules from the weeks before.  I wanted to use 2 printed coupons and 2 manufacturer coupons on 2 a like items.  If you have read my blog before I have been doing this forever.  Well yesterday I was FIRMLY told they don't take 2 a like coupons in one transaction.  There is a limit of 1 per item, per day, per transaction.  I asked where this is posted.  I was told it is, in their ad.  No it's not, in their ad it says they reserve the right to limit quantity's that is not a coupon policy.  I asked her they post their coupon policy changes and she insisted that their ad is a posting of their policies.  Poop on them.  Thats not a policy.  I understand if they want to limit coupons usage but they must post it some where so customers and employees have something to refer to.  I try to obey their rules but when they change every time I'm there and the girls at the registers don't understand them either and they have to ask for customer service to come to the register to explain it.  Isn't right and frustrating.  I can only print 2 coupons at a time so why is it limited to 1 per day,  per transaction. I was pointed out that the coupon states one per transaction.  I believe that if I buy 10 items on one receipt that is the transaction.  If it's one item is a transaction then I would have to ring everything up in separate receipts and I would have 10 receipts.  I have been talking about this all over the net.  ( I wonder if they realize with social media being "now" that when they p*ss off a customer everyone knows about it instantly) and there are so many people upset about various things that Target has done to their customers.  Google Target Store S*cks... I can relate because there are other situations with that store that makes me upset.  Their price matching is upside down.  My daughter returned her guitar hero which was unopened with the receipt within the a 30 day window and they wouldn't give her cash only a gift card.  I can understand if it was a gift receipt.  She had the original receipt.  I was told to bad.  I tried to fill a prescription and was told they didn't carry that item.. what never encountered that before.  The pharmacist offered to call around to find another place that carried it.  Nice of him, but I found somewhere else myself.  Still shocking this was not a cancer or rare drug.   I will be refilling all of prescriptions else where asap.  I threw all my target coupons out.  I will canceling the mobile coupons.. yeah thats a laugh I hadn't trying using them, but I would bet it wouldn't scan so I wouldn't be able to use them.  When there coupons come in the mail, they will be sent back with a long detailed reason why I WON"T be using them.  The last time I boycotted a store.. Circuit City and yeah..  where are they today????  With Walmart, Walgreens and Best Buy within 2 blocks of this Target store...  what are they thinking???  Walmarts new coupon policy is amazing...  I have not tried it but word on the net is if the coupon is higher then the price of the item you will get the overage.  Such as the Gain dryer sheets are $1.78 (or something like that) and you can use the $3 off any size coupon.  So you will receive $1.22 overage to use on the rest of your transaction.  No cash back, but this is great.  Then they also added they will accept Walgreens Register Rewards!!!!  This terrific.  Hopefully now they will understand that we can use catalina coupons with store names on them anywhere.  Catalina coupons are manufacturer coupons and can be use anywhere!!  Hopefully Walmart will be training their cashiers correctly.  Walmart is becoming coupon friendly and Target is getting tighter and tighter.  So where are the coupon users going???  Duh Walmart!!  I wonder if the show Extreme Couponing has anything to do with Targets coupon tightening policy??

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